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We only ask that you register so that we can track use of the data, and that you credit the Arctic Great Rivers Observatory (NSF-1107774) in any publications or presentations where the data are used.

All data can be downloaded in a single, multipage Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet includes an overview of collection and analytical techniques, and the following data:

Arctic-GRO II constituent data (2012-2016): Ongoing; 28 campaigns carried out every other month on the six Great Arctic Rivers

Arctic-GRO I constituent data (2009-2011): Completed; 15 comprehensive campaigns with a focus on freshet, late summer, and under-ice periods; daily samples over the freshet

PARTNERS constituent data (2004-2007): Completed; 17 comprehensive campaigns

Daily Discharge for the period of record, updated annually. These data are collected by national hydrologic agencies.

Data Overview (pdf)

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